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Making films that tell the stories that are too often neglected and overlooked.

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Portraits of Tanzania

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A trailer for a project I've been working on for VSO in Tanzania since April 2018


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Extreme Freediving
Baba Njoki

Some of our recent projects


Tempest wins National Charity Award

We created this short fiction film for UK based charity, Brighton and Hove Independent Mediation Service, to generate interest and engagement in conflict resolution among potential service users. We're delighted that we won an award at the National Mediation Awards.


The film was then screened in Brighton as part of National Mediation Week.


We brought together a community to create its own short fiction film: Tabu. It follows the heartrending story of a Tanzanian girl desperate to go to school to improve her chances in life and the challenges that confront her.


In a unique initiative the story was adapted from the testimony of young women gathered by VSO and filmed in the streets, homes and schools of Lindi, southern Tanzania, by a cast and crew of volunteers including teachers, students, bus drivers and an entire village.


Tackling a Taboo

How a suit manufacturer in India is improving the health its employees



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